Innovation and technology are what drive our company forward and into a future where the documentation and accuracy of a roof assessment is limitless. We need a way to allow multiple experts an opportunity to make the right coverage call and determination on each claim instead of relying on a third party’s assistance to offer some type of direction. This idea is now possible with the introduction of drones into the insurance world, but we’ve taken our drone technology to the next level.

Putting Our Drone Technology to Work

We believe technology can be an incredible resource. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure our drones are compatible with a multi-user interface that allows carriers and their staff to be completely eyes-on throughout the entire roofing inspection. So often, onsite adjusters becomes restricted in making the right coverage calls because they rely so heavily on a roofing technician for the overall guidance on what’s going on from up above.

That is why we’ve introduced a system that allows multiple visuals of the inspection, as well as multiple users an opportunity to see how each and every claim is being handled. A ladder assist technician can be an indispensable tool in certain situations, but the integration of drone technology is a whole new platform that will set us apart from the competition.

Drone Roofing Inspections in Kentucky

Drones offer a visual from a different perspective. They also offer an opportunity to inspect and evaluate complex roofing system that are either too steep or too high. The high-resolution camera on board our drones allow for top-notch photos that easily illustrate any damage the roof has sustained, allowing us to make accurate assessments even when we can’t access the roof ourselves.

Our drone technology can also provide the adjusters with a live feed during the inspection process. This essentially allows the adjusters to have real time control over what the camera is focusing on, even when they are not in the field. Thanks to drones, property damage claims can be completed in a matter of minutes, saving everyone time and energy. We love doing things differently.