Detailed Reports Providing Adjusters with Important Information

We record everything, including roof pitch, roofing material type (shingle, metal, other), any defects found, damage count, and total square count for full roof replacement and even outside temperature during time of inspection. We also report the number of accessories associated with roof replacement such as box vents, power vents, ridge vent, flashing, drip
edge, and many others. With the use of our drones and our sketching technology, we are able to give an
accurate layout of every roof so that adjusters can see exactly what they need to see without ever
leaving the office.

Our detailed photo reports give adjusters a first person view of the roofing system and any damage associated with the inspection, and we lay them out in a neatly fashioned order so that the adjuster can quickly and effortlessly find the specific picture or information he needs to make a decision.

Helpful Information at a Glance

Our reports will also include any and all pertinent information about the claim for quick reference. The
claim number, name of the insured, date of inspection and other relevant information can quickly be found on almost every page of our reports. The reports will include a work authorization form (the adjuster grants us permission to access the property on their behalf), a ladder assist fee document (full disclosure of services provided), a roofing assessment form (covers the age, type, condition, damage, square count, accessory count, etc), an invoice (billed charges for services provided), and a photo report (photos of property, collateral damage, wind or hail damage, water leak damage, sketches of roof and/or interior structure, etc).

Simple Ladder Provisions vs. Direct Inspections

Our reports will let you know exactly what services we have provided whether it is just a simple ladder provision (no inspection, just offering a ladder to an adjuster) or a direct inspection, when we schedule, perform, and report on an inspection without the presence of an adjuster. No matter the scenario, we’ll provide every bit of information to an adjuster so they can make an informed coverage call.