Direct Roof Inspection

Flexible and Dependable

Being adaptable is our forte. If an adjuster can’t make it on-site, our trained technicians request permission from the adjuster to conduct the inspection and create detailed photo reports annotating findings and damage. Once that’s done, we only share our findings with the adjuster and insurance company. Our goal is to assess and document everything we find so we can provide a detailed report to the adjuster and the insurance company. The reports we generate provide all of the necessary information so that the adjuster can easily make a final determination.

Insurance adjuster can’t be present? Never fear.


Let's Team Up

Our Detailed Roof Inspection Reports Include

  • Billing Sheet – These outline flat fees for the inspection.
  • Fee Schedule – These label each fee for items such as tarp, ropes and harnesses, multi-unit inspection, and more
  • Work Authorization – This is a written report of the site visit, including time of arrival and departure, which member of our team was at the loss location, permission to access and assess the property, and expectations of the final report.
  • Roof Assessment Form – This form shares details about the roof, including the roof type, material, pitch, height, damages per slope, temperature, potential problems, roof accessories, test performed, roof analysis and condition, and additional notes by the Knight Services technician that cover anything else.
  • Roof Sketch/Diagram – This sketch provides measurements, pitches, accessories on each facet, directional layout windward and leeward, quantities, and anything else that needs to be annotated in the file.
  • Photo Report – This serves as documentation of at least 30 photos which are in order based on the normal process of the adjuster. In the spirit of being thorough, all photos are labeled and contain annotations for the documentation of the file.
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