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What is a Ladder Assist? A Ladder Assist is the process by which a roof inspector performs a property inspection for an insurance company on steep and/or two story roofing systems. The ladder assist provides observations and evidence of damage for an insurance adjuster to create an estimate for needed repairs. The Ladder Assist technician is a third party presence and does not make any determinations concerning insurance coverage for a policyholder.

Each of our ladder assist technicians are trained in roof installation, repairs, and about the material and makeup of the entire roofing system (from roof style and decking to special water shields made of valley metal, adhesive barriers/asphalt compound and more). We’re professionals at everything from assessing damage to making precise recommendations. And because we understand the “why” behind what we do, we’re able to work with unmatched accuracy.

The information we gain during our inspections is always reported directly back to the claims adjuster so that they can make an accurate assessment about coverage. We provide the analysis and documentation for the inspection so the adjuster can make a coverage call and explain the results to the customer. We strictly act as an independent party to gather information and offer support on any level needed. The insurance adjuster provides us with any necessary background information needed to evaluate damage and we relay the findings of our observations.

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Providing Ladder Assistance in Kentucky

Before we access the roof, we meet on-site with the adjuster to discuss the details of the claim. First, we collaborate with the adjuster on a walk around inspection of the property to identify any peril related damage that may be visible from ground level. From there, we thoroughly inspect the roof by looking for storm-related damage, collateral damage, leaks, and reasonable matches for shingles if necessary. Lastly, we document our findings, ultimately allowing the adjuster to make a calculated decision about roof replacement.

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